Monday, March 12, 2012

Ummm. Hi.

We are still here.'s been a while. Sorry for the awkward silence.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello out there! Heee-ll--ooo---anyone there..Bueller..anyone. Just kidding.

We have been so absent lately! Just so OVERWHELMINGLY busy, as you all are, I am certain.

Here is the news. Life is GREAT. I will give you the cliff notes version of the Readers Digest version of what has been going on:

Darren: STRAIGHT A student thus far, and only EIGHT weeks left, PEOPLE! wAhooO! We could not be more proud of him. He had a great Father's day full of meaty foods, and sunny celebrations, and church meetings of course. ha. He is so happy to be starting softball soon again. And to get a bit of a "life" back when fall arrives. His job is going really well and there is potential to utilize his new degree right away--which would be very cool.

Tanner: Potty trained. YES! Happy and a bit like the road-runner. He is full of bruises from head to toe because he is constantly falling over and running into things....doesn't sound like his mother ONE BIT! Ha. He has a rather extensive vocabulary and is constantly surprising all that meet him with his ability to converse. again....don't know where the chatty-ness comes from??? ha ha.

Tennyson: ADORABLE. So cute, and fun. Starting to talk A LOT, and almost walking. He eats like a human vacuum and wrestles with Tan man like he is the same size--oh wait---he almost is! He is HUGE. He is so much like what I imagine Darren was like as a baby. Fun fact--he poops more than any living thing that I have ever encountered--seriously--more than my rabbits...

Me: Well. LOOOOONG and stressful story short. I had multiple job offers that were all great opportunities, but decided that Grass Valley Charter was the place for me. I will be the Dean of Student Services, and Site Administrator as well as 7/8 grade teacher next year. The year after looks good for even more we will see what the stars have aligned for me... My RA has been rough lately. Lots of trouble with infection and what not. Nothing that a LOT of cool drugs haven't been able to stop. I AM SO GRATEFUL for insurance and dr's and meds and a very supportive family. I have been LOVING the time off, and have accomplished a lot of little projects that I have wanted to do for ever!

Misc.: My grandma turned 80 last week and we had a beautiful weekend on the delta celebrating. It was a blast. She is amazing, and doesn't look anywhere near 80!!! I am grateful that we share genes. Darren's family is well, and we are looking forward to having all members living on one continent very soon. The dogs are good--and smell nice at the moment thanks to our bestest friends who groomed them for us this week! We are gearing up for some awesome remodel type work in the next two weeks--pics soon to come. I have been enjoying meeting all of my friends new babies. Mikey, Tawny and Taryn are all doing well. This fall will bring lots of excitement for Tawny as she departs for a year in ITALY! So jealous and happy for her. My parents are great as usual.

Life is really good. Always challenging, but it seems like we are in the "flow" part of the ebb-and-flow-cycle. I hope you are doing well, and can forgive me for not keeping in touch as well as I know I should and would LIKE to!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tennysons 1st Bday

It just is what it is.

This is Barney's Sauce....and the picture really just defines how good it is.

And, you know what...right now, my life is good. really it is super stressful, and kinda scary...but we are all pretty healthy, and I just need to be grateful. And there is barney's sauce in the world-so no complaining here.